Tuesday, August 17


"Fruitful Harvest" -- striking back at hunger with urban orchards ~ link

The majority of the students of the incoming college class of 2014:
  • don't know how to write in cursive.
  • don't use email much (it's too slow).
  • have never owned or used a wrist watch.
  • have always seen Korean cars on American highways.
  • were not alive when Czechoslovakia was a country.
  • have never worried about a Russian missile strike on the US.
  • have always thought of the Post Office as on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • have never seen positive performance ratings for Congress.
  • ~ Beloit College Mindset List
Dr Cindy has gone to Haiti. ~ link

The Goldwater Institute is complaining that the administration at Arizona State University is bloated because they have 6.3 administrators per 100 students. In my limited experience 6.3 administrators per 100 students actually seems a bit lean given all the services that public universities are expected and mandated to provide. ~ link

The cult of bodily perfection -- marginalizing the ugly:
...Apart from the economically impoverished, today’s marginalized “ugly” bodies include the handicapped, elderly, obese, and foreigner. It’s sad that many today fail to open their tables to society’s marginalized, to those who are especially hungry for fellowship and compassion. Even more distressing is that churches fail to address the ethical dilemmas inherent in the contemporary cult of bodily perfection. We should be addressing and halting the violence that “ugly and broken” bodies encounter daily... ~ César J. Baldelomar

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