Friday, August 27


The line between the internet and telephony continues to blur. ~ link

"I think a key task in discipleship these days is leading people out of the bad habit of going to church..." Good post by David Fitch ~ link

There is a new approach to being a multi-cultural society. "New Life in America No Longer Means a New Name" ~ NY Times

A different approach to Christian higher education -- " A school can make Christianity a robust possibility, but not a mandate." ~ Jason Byassee

Welcome, Mei! The latest edition of BrushStrokes is now online. (Xuefen Mei, who is our fall intern at MasterPiece Church and Daisy Ho -- and Daisy's dogs) ~ link

Someone on the Facbook side of things noted a passing reference to Open Theism and was looking for a definition. I came across the website. While it is a bit on the technical side it does a pretty decent job of explaining that line of thinking.

"The paradox is that by the time you get to be senior, the decisions that matter the most are the ones that would be best made made by people who are junior..." ~ Seth Godin

Ichiro Ozawa (kingpin of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.): "I like Americans, but they tend to be simple-minded...” He's perhaps correct in his assessment. But it would take a monocellular national leader to state so publicly.

Multi-sensory worship for people with Alzheimer’s Disease ~ link

Not something I would have thought of -- caffeinated marshmallows. ~ link

This could have been avoided if the politicians had been more thoughtful in the first place. We are our own worst enemies and no PR firm can fix that. But Arizona is going to throw a chunk of change at the problem anyway. "The Arizona Governor’s Task Force on Tourism and Economic Vitality hired HMA Public Relations to come up with a campaign to help tackle any negative backlash caused by Senate Bill 1070." ~ ABC15

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