Saturday, August 28


This should rattle a few cages. Libertarian thinking is incompatible with Christianity, suggests Gary Moore in CT ~ CT

On a related note, it looks like the only real solution to the financial crisis is if somehow people get a change of heart. ~ NPR

Donald Bloesch, the theologian to whom I have continually turned for advice and clear explanation, died this week. Praise God for his life, ministry, and faithfulness. ~ CT

 A new study "suggests drivers think helmeted cyclists are more sensible, predicable and experienced, so therefore the driver doesn't need to give them much space when overtaking. Non-helmeted cyclists, especially non helmeted 'women' are less predictable and experienced..." Whatever. I'm not planning to abandon my brain-bucket anytime soon. ~ BBC

Shell Oil is investing $2 billion in sugar cane bio fuels. ~ Fast Company

 Here is some more info on the growth of algea-based fuels, further establishing Arizona as the algae fuel-research hub. Algae energy has been under research at ASU for 30 years.
(ASU Senior Vice President Rick) Shangraw said that, unlike with ethanol, growing and harvesting algae results in an energy gain "because you get more energy out at the end of the process than you put in." In addition, the byproducts from algae can be turned into fertilizer or feedstock for animals. ~ AZ Central

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