Thursday, September 2


This is our new Facebook ad which seems to be getting a lot of attention.

David Housholder -- "The Lutherans Sterben Aus (Die Out)" -- why it's happening. ~ link

Unique ministry with internationals through Cornerstone Church in Boston. ~ link

A childhood friend, Roy Goble, is recruiting a program director for the PathLight ministry he developed and oversees in Belize. They work with at risk children. ~ link

Our property tax bill came in the mail today. It's 20% lower this year than last year. That's good for us but not so good for the State.

Lottery ticket sales are up 14% in Arizona. It's a grassroots economic stimulation plan. I'm not suggesting that it is a good plan. It's taxation with a slight adrenal rush. The fact is that the people end up paying one way or another. ~ AZCentral

Twitter scooped everyone on the Discovery Channel gunman story. I'm not saying that it was good reporting but that it was global before the professional news reporters figured out that something was happening. ~ Washington Post

"Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was at a serious loss for words during a Wednesday debate against Attorney General Terry Goddard and other candidates for governor." Just nerves? Sometimes I wonder. I've seen her speak before and I really don't think that she is hitting on all cylinders. ~ Phoenix Business Journal

40% of Americans over age 55 are working or looking for work, the highest rate since the Kennedy administration ~ WSJ

Typhoon Kompasu struck central South Korea early this morning (Thursday). Hopefully things clear up by the time Kent arrives. He is in the air now on the way to South Korea. Kent has a layover at Incheon (Seoul) en route to Yanbian, China.

A city councilman on a police ride-along saved a woman's life with compression-only CPR, syncing to the beat of the Bee Gee's song Stayin' Alive!!! ~ EV Trib

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