Friday, September 3


China adds 5 million new mobile phones a month. ~ WSJ

A family in Mesa has converted their swimming pool into a garden/fish farm/chicken coop.  ~ ABC

Capt Dale Goetz of the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado., was among five soldiers killed by an improvised bomb in Afghanistan on Monday. He is the first Army chaplain to be "killed in action" since the Vietnam War. ~ ABC

"A federal appeals court in San Francisco has tossed out the conviction of an Arizona man who left water jugs in the desert for migrants passing through." ~ AZ Central

The US Department of Justice has filed suit against Sheriff Joe, again. In spite of the letter sent by the sheriff's office last week to the DOJ saying "it would not cooperate in full with the investigation," the sheriff says, that he is surprised. "We thought we were getting along fine." ~ link

In a separate matter, "Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is appealing a ruling that his political fliers attacking attorney general candidate Rick Romley were a violation of election laws." He does provide a lot of work for poor starving attorneys. ~ EV Trib

Mike Sunnucks:
The Obama administration has something in common with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona’s conservative immigration hawks despite their ocean of ideology differences. 
Both the Obama folks in Washington and Arizona conservatives such as Arpaio and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas like to take credit for the drop in illegal immigrants coming into the state or country from Mexico. The reality is the sour economy, especially in Arizona and Nevada, is a major driver for fewer undocumented immigrants coming into and staying in the Southwest. ~ Phoenix Business Journal
Gmail just dumped some spam into my new "Priority Inbox." I think it will require a little training.

Jerry Falwell and Glenn Beck have uncorked Sue Gillespie. She is quite insightful. ~ link

In the never ending fight against Brown Tree snakes on Guam, 200 acetaminophen-laced dead mice have been dropped onto the jungle canopy from a helicopter. The snakes die when they ingest even small doses of the acetaminophen (ingredient in Tylenol) ~ Stars and Stripes

Stephen Hawking now says that there is not room for a creator. Is he really saying anything new? ~ The World

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Marc Vandersluys said...

Re: Stephen Hawking's claim about God.

This post might be of interest:

The writer--a professor at a Christian liberal arts college in Ontario--agrees with Hawking, because the God Hawking describes is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...