Tuesday, September 14


 Dr Vernon Grounds, the great irenic evangelical voice, has completed the race and died at the age of 96. He exemplified 20th century evangelicalism at its best. ~ link

 Martin Marty seeks to be a level-headed and reasonable voice in his Sightings column -- "Franklin Graham on Islam and Violence" ~ link

✽  Flying is already stressful and uncomfortable. What could they possibly do to make it worse? Apparently they've got a design committee working on answering that question. ~ link

 "Allegiant Air adding 16 more seats per plane" -- Hmmm... I don't care how cheap they are. I won't even bookmark their website.  ~ link

  Solution! Perhaps you, my beloved ministry partners, would like to shell out $1 million to buy an airplane for me. ~ link

 What's with the bedbug plague in the US? We never had this problem before Obama. (Hey, everything else gets blamed on him.)  ~ link

 "Join us Monday, September 20 for the National Call-in Day on the Child Protection Compact Act!" ~ IJM

 Would YOU get a tattoo of your church's logo? How about your favorite beer? I remember seeing a guy on Weno (Chuuk, Micronesia) with a Budweiser logo tattoo -- a walking billboard. ~ link

 Buy one Jamba Juice, get another free. ~ link

 "Be careful. There may be some media that sneaked into the room.” ~ Sarah Palin. This is stale rhetoric that isn't even funny -- in any context.

 The new Covenant office building at 8303 West Higgins Road (Chicago, IL, 60631) opened for business yesterday morning. It's the old LaSalle Bank building next to Hooters (the ribbing over which I'm sure will grow old quickly). ~ See the video

 Getting old ain't what it used to be -- massive pension fraud in Japan -- "More than 230,000 Japanese people listed as 100 years old cannot be located and many may have died decades ago, according to a government survey released today." ~ Guardian

 The people screaming the loudest about the "Obama stimulus" seem to have little problem spending the money. ~ link

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