Thursday, September 16


 I like the Bible and I like C.S. Lewis -- but I'm hesitant about The C.S. Lewis Bible. I'm not sure that Lewis would appreciate his name being attached to a Bible.

 Walter Russell Mead:
...Walmart and its Big Box friends are making the world a greener, more sustainable place. This isn’t because of any PR stunts or corporate green initiatives they may have going; it’s because they are relentlessly focused on profit and efficiency. It is their cutthroat capitalism not their sense of corporate citizenship that will save us — if anything can. 
Walmart is helping to save the planet because it’s tough and realistic and focused like a laser on the bottom line... ~ link
 How is it that Republican leaders recruited nine people to run as Arizona Green Party nominees? Are there any ethical standards left? I thought Republicans stood for self-responsibility. ~ link

 Positive picketing? What do you think? Good idea? ~ link

 "A looming crisis for all American evangelical churches is that they cannot thrive outside of the shrinking enclaves of conservative and traditional people and culture. We have not created the new ministry and communication... models that will flourish and grow in the coming post-Christian very secular Western world." ~ Tim Keller (as quoted by Ed Stetzer, who is arguing for more attention to contextualization.)

I turned off one of the church's Facebook ads a week ago because it looked like it had run its course. On whim I restarted it two days ago and yesterday it generated twice the response of its previous best day.

 Go figure -- "An organization that works with schools and parents to discourage children from drug and alcohol abuse is asking the Phoenix City Council to approve a liquor license for an October concert." ~ AZ Central

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