Sunday, October 17

Mission is a matter of loyalty

Once again we will find that the Bible itself will correct our tendency to reduce the gospel to a solution to our individual sin problem and a swipe card for heaven's door, and replace that reductionist impression with a message that has to do with the cosmic reign of Christ that will eventually eradicate evil from God's universe (and solve our individual sin problem, too, of course.)...

But at the end of the day, mission is a matter of loyalty. The ambassador must have complete loyalty to the government he or she represents. A trusted messenger will faithfully deliver what his sender said, not his own opinions.

So, the mission of God's people has to start and finish with commitment to the God whose mission we are called to share. But that in turn depnds on knowing our God -- knowing God in depth, from experience of his revelation and his salvation.

~ Christopher Wright, The Mission of God's People: A Biblical Theology of the Church's Mission, Kindle location 33-6

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