Monday, October 18


> Suburban poverty:
Over the last ten years, more than two-thirds of poverty growth in the nation’s metro areas occurred in the suburbs, and there are now 1.6 million more poor people living in the suburbs than in center cities. Since 2000, there has been a general increase in the nation’s poverty rate, but it has been far worse in the suburbs than in the cities—a 37.4% increase versus 16.7%. Though the poverty rate remains higher in central cities, the number of poor suburbanites is growing quickly. ~ link
> What is the social significance of our local Walmart devoting five long aisles, all shelves, both sides, to plastic storage containers?

> There is real trouble ahead. As someone who reads student papers and often checks citations, I can see how this switch to e-books is going to create major problems. We need tp address it now while it is still early in the game. It is not realistic to expect readers to have to figure out what is the equivalent of the Kindle location in a paper edition or a Sony Reader. We need universal cross-platform page numbering of some sort. Why do they remove the page numbers in the Kindle editions? Does Amazon really think that everyone is going to adopt the Kindle platform? Get real.

> Scot McKnight's post on immigration, as seen through the eyes of Germany, is very relevant. Many of the comments are exceptionally perceptive. ~ link


Carol Noren Johnson said...

I used to collect those Walmart "junk bunkers" and put stuff in them so the house looked neat. Now I am de-cluttering and putting bins, baskets, and their junk in a garage sale. Life is better without so much stuff. Getting rid of obsolete technology also such as tapes, discs, small slides, overhead transparencies; however it just takes time to transfer some of these items to a digital format.

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Speaking of collections, how many tweets and text messages do we care to collect. Digital clutter! Ufda!