Tuesday, October 19


> Barna is reporting that church attendance in Phoenix is at 38%. No way is it that high! If that many people are reporting attendance at a worship service they are either delusional or lying.

> Apparently the Berenstain Bears have been born again -- and that's troubling to at least one writer at the New Yorker. (And for some reason you thought that they were Jewish bears!) ~ link

> Next year's car of the year -- Mediocrity 2011? (I don't care how clever they are, I'm still not planning to buy a Subaru.) ~ link (via)

> NB -- churches: Whenever a group of people walk into a room with theater style seating, low light, and a large screen with projected images they default to thinking of themselves as an audience to be entertained.

> Homer and Bart are really Roman Catholic. I wonder how long the church has been counting them in their adherent statistics. ~ link

> The updated NIV text will be available for online viewing in two weeks. At this point I'm a bit nervous about what they're doing and concerned about a possible departure from the approach they took with the TNIV -- one of the best translations out there, but which was orphaned by the publishers because of political pressure. ~ link

> David Fitch and Gary Nelson discuss the role of pastors in Post-Christendom ~ link

> The Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy yesterday. On the cutting edge of evangelism in the 1960's and 70's, they built an inflexible ecclesiastical structure and facility assuming that OC would somehow do a cultural freeze at some point in the mid-1970s. Are the structures and facilities that we are creating now going to be a well-intentioned but short-sighted albatross around the neck of the church in in 25 years? ~ LA Times

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