Tuesday, November 9


> This is a reedit and expansion of the video of the Voices of Micronesia concert that I put together last summer. The previous version had problems with the sound being out of sync with the picture. (It's a glitch in the Microsoft Movie Maker software. It does not read the Flip camera files right so I had to do a little voodoo to get everyone on the same page.)

> A self-confident Taiwanese woman has "married" herself. ~ link

The transcription of my sermon from Sunday (Luke 20:27-40) is now online. ~ link

Betty Fairfax has died. One of the two public high schools in Laveen was named after her. ~ link

> Nutrition professor loses 27 pounds by eating only Twinkies and other forms of junk food. His bad cholesterol is down and the good cholesterol is up. ~ CNN

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