Tuesday, November 9


It was on November 9, 2002 -- eight years ago today, that I published the first post on this blog. I've been on Blogger the whole time -- even pre-Google -- have enjoyed and grown with the platform.

Prior to Blogger I was spending a lot of time trying to write code for my webpages. But I made a decision that I wanted to focus more on content than customization and design. And at that point there was not a lot of customization available within the Blogger system. But even back then they were pretty reliable.

When the tsunami hit in Asia on December 27, 2004 I began to relay information from friends on site in Thailand via this blog. Somehow Google started placing my posts pretty high up in the "tsunami" search results and I was getting 6,000+ hits a day (quite phenomenal in 2004 -- I suspect that there are now blogs getting 6,000 hits a minute.).  Blogger, by then safely on Google servers, didn't bat an eye or hiccup. My previous web host wouldn't have been able to hold up under the strain but Blogger kept it going -- and for free.

IOW, it's been a good ride on Blogger and I'm hoping for many more years of great service. Thanks, Blogger!


Bill Kinnon said...

Congrats, bro.

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Congratulations! Great that you could provide information in 2004 and received all those hits. You read so widely and I enjoy what you put up here.

I knew you as a prolific contributor on Covnet. Whatever happened to Covnet?

I am so late to blogging, but do maintain several blogs now. Thanks for setting the standards.


Brad Boydston said...

Covnet still exists -- on the server. That is, if anyone wanted to post an email to the group it would be sent out. But most of that activity has shifted to other forums -- like Facebook.