Wednesday, November 10


> It's been snowing in Arizona -- but not in the desert. Still, I should probably start thinking about what I need to do to get the plants ready for the occasional frost we get down here in the Valley. ~ KTAR

J.R. Daniel Kirk has a review of the CEB -- " fact, I think that the Common English Bible has one of the most readable and accurate renderings of Romans 3:21-26 in print." But... ~ link

Where the loser's gear lands -- World Vision. But they aren't getting all of it. There's this discount shop in Dededo, on Guam where I discovered some interesting Super Bowl surprises. ~ link

Walmart is adding more solar panels to stores in California and Arizona. It seems to me that if all the Walmart stores (which are so ubiquitous) covered their roofs with panels they alone could power their entire cities. ~ link

"Cutting out the middle men -- The most efficient way to spend money on the homeless might be to give it to them." ~ The Economist

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