Friday, December 3


> I should probably just say that Arizona State beat Arizona -- and leave it at that. But I won't. It happened in double overtime. ~ AZ Central

> Invasive species: The quagga mussel hitched a ride to Arizona and is now threatening the aquatic life of Lake Havasu. ~ KTAR

The Trinity Wall Street Church Advent calendar is a unique blend of video story and scripture. ~ link

It's not a time traveler on a mobile phone (where would the cell towers be?). It's a woman with an earache holding her ear and walking down the street talking to herself. ~ link

Don't we already have privitized prisons in Arizona? Haven't they been prominently in the news recently because of how poorly they're run and overseen -- and how easy it is for murders to escape? It looks good on paper but... ~ link

Maybe church is better if it is boring. ~ link

You gotta know something is up because you never see that many women in a Waffle House all at once. ~ link

Somebody's web-design class project? Somebody with a sense of humor?
In a diverse city known for its rich culture and beautiful beaches, Guam General Hospital offers yet another incentive – world-class health care. Guam General Hospital is a private not-for-profit hospital and one of the most comprehensive medical facilities in Guam serving a dozen counties with a population in excess of 1 million. As one of the largest hospitals in Guam, Guam General Hospital is licensed for 988 beds, and with over 3,000 employees, is one of the region's largest employers. ~ link (via)
The 678 area code listed on the website is for Atlanta, Georgia. (Guamanians do end up using GA a lot in the drop-down boxes on online store sites -- since GU is usually absent. So Georgia isn't so far from Guam -- sort'a.) And, of course, Guamanians wouldn't say "As one of the largest hospitals in Guam..." They'd say "As one of the largest hospitals on Guam."

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Alyssa the Ragamuffin said...

The private prison thing is really scary if you follow the money. The private prison industry poured an incredible amount into TONS of politicians for SB1070. And look where it got them.