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> French flash mob with a little uke action -- The thing is, these people look a lot like mobs in New York or California. Their clothing isn't so different than what you might see in San Francisco or Singapore. Maybe they should be singing "It's a Small, Small, World." ~ via

Why isn't Haiti getting fixed? Corruption. ~ link

Right after the earthquake everyone was scrambling to get doctors into Haiti. People were tripping all over each other. Coordination and logistics were near impossible. They arrived one day and flew out a couple of days later because there was no place for them to stay or work. Now, they need and can actually use medical personnel in Haiti but are having trouble getting enough help. An Evangelical Covenant Church mission team will travel to Haiti, January 9-23, and they are still needing medical staff. Now is the time. ~ link

They found the long-lost mega-lake in the Egyptian desert. ~ MNBC

Hookers for Jesus ~ U2B

Dick Staub musing on some of the comments his column on the resurrection generated --
What can we learn from this thread of comments? 
First, the scientific method, which is useful for measuring the material, is being used to dismiss the spiritual -- a radical position not historically taken by scientists. 
Even the late evolutionary biologist Stephen Gould said, "Science simply cannot adjudicate the issue of God's possible superintendence of nature. We neither affirm nor deny it; we simply can't comment on it as scientists." 
Second, it appears the opinions of the Jesus Seminar and fictional books like "The Da Vinci Code" are trusted more than contemporary textual research about the New Testament... 
Third, as online commentary replaces in-person, interactive dialogue, civility and reason have given way to the kind of caustic, dismissive one-liners you might hear from Jon Stewart, "Saturday Night Live" or Bill Maher. People are entitled to their own opinions, and my column is an opinion editorial. All of us, however, could benefit from ratcheting down the one-liners and beefing up the substance and relevance of our comments... 
Finally, there seems to be an almost irrational hostility toward belief on the part of unbelievers. I would simply urge unbelievers to consider the fact that throughout the centuries, many of the best and brightest thinkers -- even in the sciences -- have believed in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus... ~ link
Astrobiologists: Deadly arsenic breathes life into organisms ~ link

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