Wednesday, January 5


> Creative -- Hope Covenant Church in Grand Forks, North Dakota, built a full-scale replica of an Ethiopian hut in their building. The structure "is made of little more than old wood and corrugated steel. It is an educational tool and reminder of the church’s commitment to their sister congregation, the Evangelical Mekane Yesus Church, located in the town of Fiche." ~ link

"Phoenix among best for job opportunities in 2011" Yes, there are opportunities but I have a difficult time believing that it is among the "best" for job opportunities. ~ link

Researchers: Driving with the top down could ruin your hearing ~ Independent

Birthright citizenship --
Despite being called “anchor babies,” the children of illegal immigrants born in the United States cannot actually prevent deportation of their parents. It is not until they reach the age of 21 that the children are able to file paperwork to sponsor their parents for legal immigration status. The parents remain vulnerable until that point. ~ NY Times
"Iraqi refugees fleeing to the Valley" ~ link

"To improve schools, stop treating them like businesses" ~ CSM

It looks like City on a Hill, a small but creative congregation in Torrance, California, is looking for a pastor. This is a congregation that I've followed for a few years at a distance. They are a part of the LCMC -- a Lutheran body where a good many Covenant pastors would feel quite at home. And since there are currently many more Covenant pastors looking for a call than there are positions available -- I thought I'd just mention the opportunity.

Scot McKnight has an interesting "Spirituality Assessment Tool." What would you add? Subtract? Why? ~ link

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