Friday, February 11


> WE'VE BEEN working on this song and plan to sing it during worship at MasterPiece Church this Sunday.

50% DECLINE in the amount of study time. Critical higher-order thinking skills down -- "A Lack Of Rigor Leaves Students 'Adrift' In College" ~ NPR

MEDICAL INNOVATION leap-frogging America -- too much bureaucracy for device approvals. Europe, China, Canada, and Brazil benefit. ~ NY Times

THE GOOGLE wedding planner ~ link

THE CALIFORNIA "Supreme Court ruled unanimously that California retailers may no longer collect ZIP Codes from credit card customers..." ~ LA Times

ARIZONA is now the "Grand Canyon State" -- officially -- well, as soon as the governor signs the bill. ~ AZ Capitol Times

IF YOU worry about germs, add mouthwash to the laundry. How would we have ever known this without the internet? ~ link

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