Saturday, February 12


> DAVID FITCH has a new book, The End of Evangelicalism. It is at the very least worth talking about. ~ link

YES, it's possible for an unarmed populace to overthrow a repressive regime. Once again a united, persistent, but non-violent approach succeeds. Next?

I DO MISS having CNN International on TV. Is that even a cable option in the US?

"GOOD NEWS! The US is not actually falling from the world's top spot for academic achievement. The bad news, though, is that America was never really number one to begin with..." ~ The Atlantic

PHOENIX celebrates Chinese New Year this weekend ~ link

...We’ve written before that ministry progress is not measured by numerical growth, but by the creation of disciples who make other disciples. But this post is exposing the double standard, those who would “have their cake and eat it, too.” 
Authors like George Barna like to use statistics showing the decline in church attendance to damn the church, but then quickly defend the 5-person house church because “progress is not measured by numbers.” So if the institutional church is losing numbers, it is always because they are doing church wrong. But if organic churches are not growing, then it’s for some other reason. All I’m asking for here is fairness. Isn’t it possible that a particular church isn’t growing because it is rightly teaching Law and Gospel and people don’t like to hear it? Isn’t it possible that a particular organic church isn’t growing because of the home leader’s pride? It works both ways, which is why numbers are not a good indicator of spiritual maturity nor ministry progress, no matter what church model we’re discussing. ~ link
58% OF AMERICANS think climate change is a serious problem. Here is why the rest are "in denial." ~ The Economist

KURT WARNER to run for John Kyl's senate seat? "Just a rumor..." ~ link

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