Tuesday, February 15


> MY EYES kept drifting toward the Cricket game on TV in the Indian restaurant during lunch yesterday. And as one of the ads flashed on screen I figured out what became of the old xoom.com domain. That was prime real estate at one point.

HOW THE INTERNET can unleash acts of generosity and true connection ~ Fast Company

APPARENTLY INTENDING to shoot a teacher with whom he was having problems, a Goodyear high school student brought a gun to school. ~ KFYI

THE GODDESS of English:
The Dalit (formerly untouchable) community is building a temple in Banka village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to worship the Goddess of the English language, which they believe will help them climb up the social and economic ladder. 
About two feet tall, the bronze statue of the goddess is modelled after the Statue of Liberty... ~ BBC
I CAN'T believe that I missed Charles Darwin day again this year. ~ NY Times

"SOPHISTICATED drug submarine seized in Colombia" -- amazing. ~ BBC

"LOVE RECESSION" recession hits Las Vegas ~ link

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