Wednesday, February 23


> FOR THOSE WHO want to privatize everything, the buses in Manila are all privately run -- and they are considered to be the cause of much of the traffic chaos. New solution -- more female drivers. ~ link

HOW COME CUBANS live so long? ~ Pravda

SWEET! The North Lawndale Employment Network in Chicagoland has an urban honey production business, Sweet Beginnings, to employ ex-offenders. ~ link

SOUTH AFRICAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, best over all value in online theological education, has test-drive courses ~ link

SCOTT ADAM, one of the hostages killed by Somali pirates, was a Fuller Seminary alum and instructor. ~ link

RICHARD MOUW asks, why don’t Jews “evangelize” Jews? There is no good answer. ~ link

RG LEWIS asks, is it possible to have too much vision? Absolutely! ~ link

JUST IN TIME for spring training -- Sweden mulls legality of the baseball bat. Anti-Americanism? What next, apple pie? ~ The Local

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