Thursday, February 24



THERE ARE TIMES that I really miss living on Guam. Occasionally I don't. ~ PDN

SKYPE has developed a mobile client for lower-end phones that do not have wifi or 3G. I can't even get Skype to work on my phone which HAS 3G. ~ link

> HIGHER GAS TAXES might help America in the long-run?
Petrol prices in America are substantially below levels elsewhere in the rich world, and this is almost entirely due to the rock bottom level of petrol tax rates. The low cost of petrol encourages greater dependence; the average American uses much more oil per day than other rich world citizens. This dependence also impacts infrastructure investment choices, leading to substantially more spending on highways than transit alternatives. And this, in turn, reduces the ability of American households to substitute away from driving when oil prices rise. ~ The Economist
But what happens if we create a system dependent on higher fuel taxes while we are growing less gasoline dependent? If people are paying more gas tax they'll be less inclined to accept other taxes.

customers can now get "Netflix-like" unlimited video streaming (in addition to the free shipping). $79 year.

I JUST BECAME a follower of TF Torrance on Twitter -- which is interesting because he died in 2007. However, I couldn't resist. My doctoral mentor at Fuller Seminary was Ray Anderson. He studied under TF Torrance. Torrance, of course, studied under Karl Barth. (And that's how I trace my theological lineage to Barth.) My Chinese friends will find it interesting that Torrance was born in 汶川县 -- the Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China.

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