Friday, April 8


> WHY WOULD a government shut down lead to a shut down of their websites? Unless they're using some furloughed employee's laptop as a server... Hmmm... ~ link

IF THE MALLS are all going under why is it still so hard to find a close-in parking space? ~ WSJ

POLICE USED a smartphone in a carjacked vehicle to track and capture thieves in 17 minutes. I just added free Lookout to my phone. ~ link

DEAD MEN tell no tales. Or do they? My latest BrushStrokes e-letter ~ link

FREEWAY AIR POLLUTION linked to brain damage in mice. Undoubtedly, California will make a new law to keep mice away from freeways. ~ Time

FOX NEWS drops Glenn Beck. Are they starting to swing toward the center? ~ link

SPEAKING OF FOX and right-wing drama, Jordon Cooper linked up to this yesterday (No, Jordon has never been accused of being right-wing -- he's a Canadian.) -- good for a chuckle --

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