Saturday, April 9



"HINDUS in Heaven: How Many?" ~ Rich Mouw

ALISON has free online English language courses from the British Council to prepare for the First Certificate Exam (FCE) in English. If you're working on English -- this is a good deal. ~ link

BRING A GUN to school day in Arizona ~ link

THE UNIVERSITY of California may borrow millions to start-up its online degree programs. ~ link

"HALF-MILLION Japan Homes Without Power" -- After all that they've been through I'm surprised that the number is not larger. ~ Time

> "AFTER 5 Years In US, Terrorist Cell Too Complacent To Carry Out Attack" -- The satirical Onion may be closer to reality than it realizes. Prosperity tends to suck passion out of people for everything except maintaining the lifestyle. ~ link

CAN ADVERTISING be prophetic? ~ link

"NOMINALLY COMMUNIST China is now one of the world’s strongest supporters of capitalism, at 68%, up from 66% in 2002. Brazil scores 68% too. Germany squeaks into top place with 69%." ~ Economist

A SIGHT YOU don't see too often ~ AP

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