Tuesday, April 19


> FRIEND JAKE DOCKTER has been promoting Sympathy for Delicious, which will be released later this month. Looks like a great film!

GOOGLE has made a major investment in wind farming. It makes sense. Without electricity they can't power all their servers. And without the servers we can use their search engine -- nor can they sell advertising. ~ link

JEWS GET CREATIVE with their Passover celebrations ~ USA Today

GIL RIBAL, my buddy in St Pete, pointed me to his wife Lee's paintings and in particular Balaam's Donkey. He was responding to my donkey sermon. She uses a lot of stained glass outlining and bright colors. I really like her work. It feels energizing.

ROMMEL CARIÑO, one of my PIU students on Guam, posted a great video clip link to a class discussion forum. It is about starting a church in a garage and originates with the Southern Baptists. It really does give a quick picture of how it is that the church is spreading so rapidly -- even without a lot of construction.

$9 TO GET into the Mariciopa County Fair? It seems pricey for a small fair. And there are a few other things happening this week. ~ link

CONGRATULATIONS to Dave Hillis who has been called to serve as the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Tucson. Wow -- big transition -- great move. I'm sure glad he's not going too far away. ~ link

"NOW THAT MOST COUPLES move in together before they marry, cohabitation may not be as linked to divorce as it was when live-in couples were less common." I guess we have to stop using that argument with couples -- not that they listened anyway. ~ Pew Research

GOVERNOR BREWER has vetoed the so-called "birther bill." And I think wisely so. It puts too much arbitrary power in the hands of a single individual. If determining citizenship for a national office has become a genuine issue there needs to be a national mechanism, with appropriate checks and balances, to make that decision. ~ CNN

IS IT TIME to change construction standards and techniques in areas prone to storms? ~ TIME | Monolithic Domes

QUIT SNIVELING. We're paying less in taxes than we did in 1992 and nearly half of US households pay no income taxes at all. Wait a minute, maybe you can snivel at the tax aversion loop holes. No wonder we're having financial problems. ~ link

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