Saturday, April 30


I THINK I need to pick up one of these panhandling robots --

SUPERMAN HAS renounced his US citizenship. ~ link

MARSHALL ISLANDS cultivating a black pearl industry ~ ABC

"AMERICAN NEEDS to See Obama's Report Cards" -- argued as only Stephen Colbert can do ~ link

FINALLY -- we now have an official Arizona state gun (which is somehow going to bring all kinds of new business to the state, according to the article). Ironically, it is probably the one gun you'll never see strapped to your Arizona neighbor's belt. ~ ABC15

THE BEST media moment in the wedding coverage was when Diane Sawyer broke into Jimmy Kimmel's monologue with the report that Wills and Kate were eloping in Las Vegas. ~ link

> WE DON'T PAY you what you'e worth but at least you Arizona teachers get a free salad at McDonald's next week. Perhaps you can apply for some part-time hours when you're in there. ~ link

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