Sunday, June 5



"A FIERCE pride in one’s regional roots can be found throughout England. Increased mobility and the ubiquitousness of television and radio have done surprisingly little to homogenise the distinctive accents and dialects that characterise the different parts of the country. Some are spreading; some retreating. Some are mutating; some are even getting stronger. But, overall, the pronunciation and prosody of spoken English seems to vary as much as ever across the country of its birth." ~ The Economist

"BING IT, DANNO!" The whole product placement in shows like Hawaii Five-0 does get beyond subtle at times.

IF THE early church fathers could say their piece in 140 characters... ~ link

INTERESTING PARADOX -- "Church for single Mormons" ~ WP

CHERYL SAW one of these -- a coati -- when she was out walking a few blocks from the house the other morning. Laveen is an interesting place. You just never know what you'll come across here.

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