Tuesday, June 7


TWO WEEKS AGO I saw Kiwano fruit for sale in the grocery store for $5 a piece. I went home, hunted down some seeds online, and planted my first seeds this afternoon.

AN ENTIRE Episcopal Church in Maryland is joining the Roman Catholic Church. ~ Huff

AS RUMORED Apple is taking another stab at moving things into the clouds. ~ link

"IS IT THE BEST possible day for Apple & Twitter to announce they're making it easier to tweet pix from your iPhone?" ~ James Gleick

"WEINERGATE" -- Someone had fun coming up with that label. Arizona State Senator Kyrsten Sinema nails it: "What I think is most disappointing about this regardless of party affiliation is that it adds to the apathy and disdain that Americans have for politics." Yep. Although Anthony Weiner probably doesn't have much of a political future -- even if he does not resign. ~ link

"THINGS that make you say, 'Hmmm.': Religious groups in US in 1990: 330. Today: over 2,000. ~ link

SOME COMPANIES get it. I had a Philips CFL light bulb, guaranteed for seven years, die in less than two. I contacted them online and within two weeks had a no hassle check in an amount slightly more than the cost of the bulb and tax. I didn't even need the receipt. I'm now a fan.

STRESSED? My 1 Peter 5:7 sermon is up on Fresh Fish Food.

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