Monday, July 11


RYAN IMAMURA and Mel Cruz jammin to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

MY OLD SEMINARY friend Bob Cornwall asks, "Can one be a follower of Jesus and be an admirer of Ayn Rand?" I am without a doubt sure that both Ayn and Jesus would give the same answer to that question. ~ link

"RUMORS OF BLOGGER'S DEATH have been greatly exaggerated and re-tweeted." ~ link

"AGING BABY BOOMERS strain America’s cities designed for the young" -- Of course, it was the aging baby boomers who designed the cities, assuming that they'd never get old. And contrary to rumor, boomers are not aging faster than everyone else. ~ link

FAMOUS BOYDSTONS (an episode in the continuing saga which proves that in spite of the fact that there were so many clan scoundrels, that Boydstons are at least capable of gallant behavior) --
In 1900 "Private Erwin Boydston and ten other Marine privates plus a Marine drummer were awarded the Medal of Honor for the continuing actions from July 19 until the scaling of the walls at Peking, rout of the Boxers, and rescue of the civilians and their Marine Guard on August 17. Under a heavy fire from the enemy during this period, Private Boydston braved heavy enemy fire and assisted in the erection of barricades, earning the Medal of Honor."
~ link

HIGH-NOON SHOWDOWN IN QUARTZSITE -- Arizona's quirkiest town, seems to be having some quirky legal troubles. ~ link

FREE SLURPEES at 7-ELEVEN today (Yes, it is 7-11-11) ~ link

MAPPING BIG FOOT'S DNA ~ link (via Brandon Bowers FB)

WHEN DID "Cali" become accepted short-hand for California? To those who grew up there it sounds like someone from the other coast trying to sound cool -- close, but no cigar -- kind'a like calling San Francisco "Frisco."

THE HARVARD CLASSICS -- free, digital collection ~ link


SOMEWHERE ALONG the garden path we lost some of our common sense cells. "Julie Bass is facing serious jail time for growing veggies in her front yard." ~ link

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE -- "Terrafugia's flying car, the Transition, has been officially approved for driving on roads and highways. The driver-slash-pilot can now fly between local airports and drive on any road." ~ Huff

FISH USING TOOLS caught on camera ~ link

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Josh said...

Guilty! "Cali" saves six characters on Twitter. I hate postal abbreviations and it's less awkward than AP Style "Calif."