Wednesday, July 13


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UN STRUGGLING with growing Somali exodus ~ link

NEW BOOK: "The Pietist Impulse in Christianity" -- I do wish more academic titles were available for Kindle and the other e-readers. ~ link

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC is running a series of articles this week about the place of guns in Arizona culture. ~ link

THE UPSIDE OF SMALL: The hidden benefits of micro-ministry. (It took an economics book to wake me up to this reality in the mid-70's -- Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered by E. F. Schumacher is still a must read.) ~ Leadership

BEYOND LOTTIE MOON -- Fascinating interview with Baptist Archbishop Malkhaz Songulasvili of the Georgian Baptist Union -- and how the Baptists in the Republic of Georgia have contextualized themselves to function in a culture strongly influenced by Eastern Orthodoxy. ~ link

THE SECRET BOOKSTORE -- tucked away in an upper eastside apartment ~ link (via)

PHOENIX COULD BE the next boom town, according to an article in Forbes magazine. But I have my doubts. Phoenix has a pretty dismal and short-sighted attitude right now. The optimism of the past has been replaced by cynicism. We're anti-so-many-things -- immigrants, education spending, government, government-spending, taxes... The only thing that we're for seems to be guns. You can't build a whole economy on guns.

NO WONDER THE Bolsheviks were able to get their foot in the Russian door. ~ link

IS GOOGLE+ the beginning of the end for Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social networking sites?
Here's a better question: Why overwhelm yourself with a dozen services when you can consolidate them all into one? For most people, Google+ can replace every single medium of online communication. The benefit is clear: One site, one log-in, one feed is better than many for ending social networking fatigue... And by using Google+ for all your online social activity, you can radically simplify your life. ~ link

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