Thursday, July 14


DO CHURCHES need to have their own mission statements? Probably not. ~ link

The nationwide study shows that three-quarters of U.S. adults believe the presence of a church is “very” (53%) or “somewhat” positive (25%) for their community. In contrast, only one out of every 20 Americans believes that the influence of a church is negative—either very (2%) or somewhat so (3%). That leaves about one out of six adults (17%) who are indifferent toward the role of churches... ~ link
WHY THE University of the People is the real thing -- and why I believe that 75% of what universities will do in the future involves validation of learning, rather than directly providing it all themselves ~ CHE

HAPPY! #2 SON, KENT, arrived last night from Europe where he has been traveling for a few weeks. He took the scenic route home from Asia where he has been working and studying. He was home in the States last August for a few weeks. But he's looking for a Stateside job this time around and he's hoping to go to grad school.

AMAZON.COM is coming out with its own tablet that runs on Google's Android platform. ~ WSJ

DRIVE-IN THEATER reopening in Tucson -- through the efforts of a non-profit corporation. ~ link

15 POINTERS to maximize G+ ~ Huff

Since allergic reactions are essentially heightened immune responses to often benign compounds, such as dust or nickel or other agents, people with allergies might already be primed for any foreign intruders, including tumors. "People with allergies seem to have less cancer or have fewer different cancer types than patients who don't have allergies"... ~ TIME
FROM MASSIVE DESTRUCTION to signs of hope in Japan -- progress ~ link

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