Saturday, July 16


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"THE BEST USE OF $404.25 EVER" -- kindness events ~ link

ANGELINOS are making light of the freeway closure this weekend -- lemons into fun lemonade. "Bicyclists challenge JetBlue to crosstown race." They don't take themselves too seriously. ~ LA Times

HOW IS IT that the researchers who have discovered a new way of tracking tsunami's are from the University of Illinois? They can't even practice in Lake Michigan? ~ link

WE DID A test run on the Google+ "hang-out" feature. Fun. Of course, Kent was in the room next to me but once they get that thing ready for prime time (it was a bit slow) it could become the feature that overshadows the postings to the various circles. Email me ( if you need a Google+ invitation.

OPEN CULTURE has links to about 400 free movies -- many classics -- that you can watch online. ~ link

REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL candidate Tim Pawlenty's wife Mary has a Covenant Church background. But they wandered far from the faith and became Baptists. That mistake could have major implications in his quest for the White House -- especially when considering the reputations of past Baptists in the White House.

Bill Clinton was a Baptist but he was impeached and there were those other indiscretions. Jimmy Carter was a good Baptist but the consensus seems to be that he didn't do a very good job in the White House. And then there was Harry Truman. What can we say about Harry, other than that like Clinton and Carter -- he was a Democrat!!!

However, if you reach back far enough, President Warren G Harding claimed both the Baptist and Republican labels. And I ask you -- do we really want another Warren Harding in the White House? ☺

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