Sunday, July 17


CHOPSTICKS MADE IN AMERICA -- exported to China ~ link

WHICH AMERICAN accent do you have? Mine is "Neutral." That apparently means that I'm "not Northern, Southern, Western, or Eastern... just plain -American-." I guess I don`t really have a local accent identity. I think it just means I'm a linguistic mut. ~ link

THERE IS NOW a short-cut to my Google+ -- Thanks to Gil Ribal who pointed me to this.

DAN KIMBALL nails it -- "Should the church accountant be the one called the 'worship pastor'?" Perhaps the primary language of worship should be that of sacrifice. ~ link

AGREE/DISAGREE? -- "Institutional myth: more Bible knowledge and better sermons will resolve all our problems. I am not rooting for biblical illiteracy, just saying that the myth of more Bible won't save us." ~ Alan Hirsch

HOW DID WE end up with this financial crisis? Perhaps some historical perspective would be helpful as we start to think through the mess. There was a Frontline episode from March 2009 which provides a lot of background information. It is well worth watching again.

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