Monday, August 8


I'M THINKING about building a solar stove and am trying to figure out which approach to take. Suggestions?

ARIZONA GUN story of the day. Dumb.~ link

"PHOENIX-AREA churches deliver message in non-traditional ways" -- The thing about this survey of unusual churches is that many of them are really pretty conventional in 2011. For example, CrossWalk in our own village of Laveen is pretty typical of a low-liturgy, band-intense, short prayer, Warren-style preaching church. MasterPiece Church didn't get mentioned in the article. I suppose we're not the only congregation that at least occasionally does uke-driven music. ~ link

BECOMING A MORMON is one way of dealing with the mysteries and conundrums of Trinitarian theology. Strange but interesting interview with Jana Riess. ~ link

RATS! MISSED IT AGAIN -- Happy belated birthday to Smokey the Bear ~ link

SQUIRRELS SEEM TO LIKE chewing on fiber optic lines -- not such a good thing for internet users. I'm thinking the wireless companies are loving it. ~ link

ARIZONA gun story of the day. Dumb. ~ link

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