Thursday, August 18


IN SPITE of all the goofy things Americans do, there is still something very appealing about the American way. I love this story about the new American ambassador to China. ~ link

I WOULDN'T MIND driving a "golf cart" around town. But not for $21,000. ~ TIME

ONLY A QUARTER of the college-bound high school class of 2011 grads are "college ready." I'm pretty sure that when I started college in 1974 I wouldn't have been hitting all the benchmarks. Good preparation is important but lack thereof isn't terminal. ~ link

WHAT IT they had an election and no one contributed even a penny? "Starbucks claimed Wednesday that it has rallied 'hundreds' of people in support of a call by CEO Howard Schultz to suspend campaign contributions to Congress and the president until Washington produces a long-term deficit reduction plan." Or better yet -- if corporations and people are so worried about the national debt perhaps they'd be willing to channel all the money they have earmarked for political contribution$ toward paying down the debt. Or even better, maybe they could crank that money back into the economy, expand, and hire some more employees. ~ link

MY MESSAGE box in Facebook has become completely useless -- flooded with invitations to join this game or that game. How to I block all game notifications?

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Laura Springer said...

I have found the fb message box useless as well: I still get invites, which I delete or ignore. If anyone dares complain or ask why, I have decided why they did not heed my message. Just sayin'.

Still, if there's a way to block game invites, I'd like to know.