Thursday, February 24

David Virtue, who is the journalistic nemesis of the leadership of the Episcopal Church USA, sent out an article this afternoon with the headline "CONSERVATIVES WIN!" -- and a report that the Anglican primates, meeting in Ireland, have "banned" ECUSA Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold from "attending any future Primatial meetings unless the Episcopal Church agrees to accept the Windsor Report recommendations." AND the Canadian and US churches have been given three months to get their act together on the same-sex union issue or face suspension from the Anglican Communion.

I'm not sure that anyone actually "wins!" in these conflicts. And I'm not sure where Virtue gets his detail fleshing out the report. While it seems to be moving in a positive direction (from the perspective of classical orthodox Christianity) I'm not sure that it has as much teeth as Virtue perceives.

You can read Virtue's article on his website (assuming that his server hasn't been totally swamped).

UPDATE: I have read again the communiqué from the Anglican primates and upon a second reading it appears to have more teeth than I originally thought. See, too, the Washingtom Times summary.

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