Friday, February 11

Vi Martinson, our oldest member at Cornerstone, died last night and went on to her rest in the Lord. Praise God for her faithful life! Vi was the oldest person I knew (she turned 102 in December) but she never seemed all that old. Her mind was sharp and she never lost her wit. She was a flamboyant dresser who loved the seasons and the holidays because they were her excuse to decorate everything from her apartment to her walker. She loved people and she loved a party. She rarely missed worship. Last Sunday the guys who picked her up in the bus to bring her to church were afraid that she was going to die enroute or worse -- at church (she kept nodding off with her head hanging back -- uncharacteristic of her). She would have liked nothing better than to die at church, but that was not to be. She fell asleep in the Lord in her room at the Covenant Village Care Center.

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