Saturday, February 12

Dan has been wondering if it's time to bail on Xanga and move his blog to some cyberplace more "grown-up" -- since Xanga is not only an inflexible format to work with (old school proprietary) but it is also used mostly by teens. Well, I came across a Xanga blog published by the president of Cedarville University. He seems like a nice enough guy -- although he looks like he could be a stereotypical Baptist evangelist -- don't know if that's at all what he is -- and the blog is named "The Personal Blog of Dr Brown" -- kind of formal for the medium. Still you've got to give the guy A LOT of credit for blogging. What other college president blogs? He has a sense of humor and he is personable. And this guy's students seem to leave plenty of comments -- so he's connecting. Interestingly, some of them have been asking, "aren't you a little old for Xanga?"

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