Monday, March 7

My blogroll is fairly fluid and I'm trying out some new regular reads:

Conciliar Press Blog
-- Publishers of Again magazine. Eastern Orthodox agenda. Interesting stuff. They're looking for another name for the blog.

-- by Charlie Lehardy. Reading between the lines I suspect that he is a staff geek working for Wycliffe Bible Translators.

BudLOG -- I added this a few weeks ago. Bud Locke is the pastor of River Life Covenant Church in Sacramento, PhD student, and just all-around-solid-guy.

Casing the Promised Land -- Stan Friedman is a friend and pastoral colleague. He recently started working for Covenant Communications as a reporter. And he is just starting a blog.

Pithless Thoughts -- Steven Robinson is an acquaintance from my days doing campus ministry at Arizona State University. I think he was a church of Christ guy back then but now he's Orthodox. He even has his own radio show and I think he is getting ready to plant a new parish in the ASU area.

Pontifications -- Fr. Al Kimel is a high-church Episcopal Church priest trying to figure out what to do next. I think he's headed for Rome.

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