Friday, June 17

> Spectacular is the best word to describe what it's like up here high in the Rockies -- dry, in the 70's, still snow capped mountains and peaks, green, brown. This is almost good enough to make someone put up with the cold and snow the rest of the year. Some of the local webcams

Gas is still a bargain -- relatively speaking.

The average American spends more on lottery tickets than on reading material or even movie tickets.
And next week Californians have an opportunity to further expand illiteracy as we become the 12th and largest state to join Mega Millions. We've got to keep upping the ante because people get bored when the jackpot is only $30 million. On a pedestrian level this means longer lines at the convenience stores as the guys buy more tickets hoping that a big win will help them catch up on their child-support (and buy a new truck).
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