Wednesday, May 24

Oaxaca adventure

Tim Carlson, the high school age son of our good friends Dennis and Mary Lynn Carlson, is in Oaxaca, Mexico doing some language study this spring. He's got a great blog with terrific pictures. And it all looks the same as what our other friends, Bruce and Katy Dockter, have been putting up on their blog.

Bruce and Katy are preparing to return to Turlock from their year in Oaxaca.

Dennis and MaryLynn lived in Oaxaca for a term as Covenant missionaries. They've also served as missionaries in the Congo. He is currently the transition pastor at Brookdale Covenant Church in the Twin Cities and is waiting for direction on their next assignment.

Dennis is also known as Odie Futz. He was a few years ahead of Cheryl and me at Willow Glen High School in San Jose and we were part of the same youth group at First Covenant Church there.
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