Tuesday, May 23


...The relocation of 8,000 US Marines from Japan to Guam means the addition of 17,000-19,000 new people on the Island -- when you include support staff and dependents.

...While most of the attention is on the Marines, the Air Force presence on Guam is growing, too.

...We're now at just over the 50% mark in terms of the financial support that we need to have in place before we leave for Guam in August. Keep us in your prayers. There is so much to do in such a short amount of time.

...I will be painting our living room today. I'm not the kind of person who finds creative satisfaction in that task.

...References, resumes, and interviews are useless at predicting job success according to a survey of British HR managers.

...Yesterday I mentioned Martin Dale in conjunction with my church website of the week. This morning he sent me email saying that he is also responsible for three more churches -- all quite historical, too -- for a total of eight churches! I don't know how English parish priests can keep up with it all.

...Yes, I had a CB radio and an early (pre-Yahoo) GeoCities website. Actually, I still have my GeoCities site -- just not much on it these days.

...Google is getting ready to place video spots on some websites.
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