Friday, May 26


$100 children's laptop...The $100 laptop prototype -- in orange. The project is moving forward to help children in developing countries. The outrageous color scheme is intended to discourage (shame) adults from using the machines intended for children.

..."Chocolate may boost brain-power!" They had to do a study to figure that out. It seems like a no-brainer to me.

...Taxes die hard. The phone tax, established 108 years ago to fund the Spanish-American War, has been dealt a fatal blow by Congress. To put things in perspective, "the annual basic charge for a home phone in the 1890's was about $100, or more than $2,200 in today's dollars. A three-minute call from New York to Chicago in 1902 cost $5.45 -- about $120 today." The tax was originally considered to be a luxury tax. I'm planning to spend my extra $18 dollars a year on chocolate.

...Amazon has a new online reader.

...Bookmark: Budget template for Excel.
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