Saturday, May 27


...Train collision ahead -- same-sex marriage issue -- what happens to faith-based organizations which refuse to accept and work with same-sex couples.

...My copy of N.T. Wright's new book Simply ChristianEarthquake map arrived yesterday. Wow.

...The magnitude of this morning's 6.3 earthquake in Indonesia is just now becoming apparent. Looking at the pictures it appears that many of the at least 3,000 dead could have been saved if there were different construction practices. Aid is on the way.

...The western states depend on contract firefighters -- many from Mexico -- many are likely illegal. A dilemma.

...Globalization and the changing face of agriculture -- India, a country that has struggled to feed itself, is preparing to feed the world.

...The EU is devising a scheme to tax emails and text messages. Just leave it alone.

...Mission trips or holidays?
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