Monday, May 29


...Our apricot tree is an early variety and apparently all of the rain we had this spring came at the wrong time -- destroying the blooms. So far I've counted only five pieces of fruit on a tree that normally has thousands.

...We're making progress on getting the house cleaned up. Painting is done in the living room and dining room. Today I tackle a bedroom and the hallway. Perhaps we can get it on the market by the end of the week. We'll see.

...I've handed the administration of Cornerstone's website off to Dale Phillips, who teaches business-computer stuff at MJC. It's always fun when you can transfer something to someone who is more qualified than yourself to do the job.

...A lecturer at Bradford University, West Yorkshire, England, is putting all of his lectures on podcast and will now use class time for small group teaching. He is also utilizing a blog and text messaging.

...The death toll from Saturday's Indonesian quake now exceeds 5,000.
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