Tuesday, May 30


...A list of the domain names owned by Google -- most seem to be names that they'd just as soon have others not use. However, some should fuel speculation -- e.g. GoogleMasterCard.com. They are either thinking about issuing their own MasterCard or they're buying the whole company. :-)

...Has anyone been keeping a running count on the number of books and videos being produced to refute the Da Vinci Code? In a couple of months the dollar stores and book outlets are going to be flooded. Okay, guys -- you're all saying the same thing -- The Da Vinci Code is Fiction (with a big F). You've made your point. Besides, the movie appears to be putting people to sleep. Stand down.

...Researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that individual differences in human sexual desire can be attributed to genetic variations. They found a correlation between variants in the D4 receptor gene and sexual desire and function. The previous assumption was that sexual variations are rooted in psychological factors. I suspect a combination of both.

...Our county, one of the Republican bastions in California, seems to favor a more lax approach to immigration and pathway to citizenship. It demonstrates that this isn't a liberal/conservative issue.
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