Wednesday, June 28


...The June edition of the Covenant Companion has a great article by Bob Smietana on the "Hidden Secrets of the Lost Gospels." Bob's article, with input from Klyne Snodgrass, Scot McKnight, and Bart Ehrman is one of the best concise summaries of the issues surrounding the Gnostic gospels and related media hype. It is online in .pdf format.Our cargo container

...We purchased a retired cargo container to store all of our stateside possessions in while we're in Guam. Eric and Lisa Muller have graciously given us a parking space out on their ranch. It was delivered this morning.

...Yesterday we published a new update on our situation and the progress toward getting to Guam.

...Kent sent a brief email from Santiago, Chile. He arrived safely.

...I've been playing uke during part of my story-telling segment at Vacation Bible School this week. The kids don't really realize how under-developed my uke talent is. They just see the instrument and find it fascinating. Every kid should have a ukulele.

...The Archbishop of Canterbury is starting to put the squeeze on the Episcopal Church USA.

...I heard Frank Griswold, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, on Fresh Air this morning. Even though I still disagree with him about a lot of things I thought he was articulate and likeable. The interview is worth listening to -- even for us non-Anglicans.

...I went to visit Carol Daugherty at the Hospice House in Hughson this morning. She is sleeping a lot. That is one incredibly beautiful place -- in so many ways.
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