Friday, June 30


...A public draft of the human sexuality paper developed by the Board of the Ordered Ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church is now available online. This should be a good discussion starter.

Flip Flops...Flip flops could be damaging your career (and your feet). Tell me it's not true! -- Not that I have a career I'm worried about. I'm just getting used to wearing them again in preparation for island life.

...I've discovered an interesting blogger named Rick Mansfield. A PhD student in biblical studies, he has some outstanding posts on Bible translations. Scroll thru his archives. He also has movie reviews.

...I don't remember mentioning that Groda, my six-year-old African frog, has become the ward of the Muller triplets -- Danika, Evan, and Jared -- who will themselves be six in a few weeks. Now, unless Kirk gets a place where he can have pets, I need to find homes for our dog Rusty and cat Tex (mentioned yesterday).

...59% of the people who play games on their cell phones are female. That is consistent with the overall trend in gaming. So much for the geeky boy stereotype.
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