Thursday, July 6


...NPR's Morning Edition has a major story on Guam and the military build-up. It gives a fairly good summary of the issue.

...The cops from Australia have called for back-up from Palau to help out in East Timor.

...In the pipe: e-newspapers -- an interactive hybrid of the traditional print paper and the web utilizing a computer screen that can be rolled up and carried in a pocket. It appears that the futurists are thinking we'll continue to have pockets in our clothing.

...PepsiCo alerted rival Coca-Cola to an attempt by someone to sell Coca-Cola trade secrets to Pepsi. Three people, including a Coca-Cola employee, have been arrested. And we once again have proof that ethics can prevail and that big business isn't always cut-throat.

...Beth Bilynskyj is one of the smartest people I know. She also has an incredibly creative way of making things simple through illustration. Her "Whole Enchilada" post on the false dichotomy between head and heart is a wonderful example.

...In Washington State a new law requires physicians to hand-print, type, or electronically generate prescriptions. Cursive is now illegal because it is illegible -- as least as doctors practice it.

...Happy Birthday, Dad!
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