Friday, July 7


...I'm off to New Jersey today to meet with our Liebenzell Mission partners. On Sunday I will be preaching at the Trinity Covenant Church in Livingston, New Jersey. They meet at 10 a.m.

...I'm flying Continental and yesterday they actually sent me email telling me that I could now check-in online. And they provided a link to do so -- along with a weather forecast for the next few days in New Jersey. What's up with that? Have they suddenly figured out that little helpful customer service things actually make a difference? We're moving in the right direction! Now, if they could add a few more inches of leg room and build the aircraft a foot wider so everyone could have a few more inches in their seats.

...Wow, it's now possible to do a full blog post using Blogger on the Opera webbrowser. In the past it was only possible to post in the html mode on Opera.

...Finally an Anglican renewal organization that even us non-Anglicans can stand behind -- Affirming Laudianism. English humor.

...A new report says that the air in the Central Valley (some of the worst in the US) is getting better. My lungs don't believe it. With all of the summer smoke and dust in the air I've been congested and coughing for the past week.

...This Sunday marks the 300th anniversary of Lutheran work in India.

...The North Koreans have asked Rick Warren to come preach. He's going next week.

...AOL may drop subscription fees for broadband users -- all others would still pay $25.95/month for the privilege of dial-up!
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