Saturday, July 8


Greetings from Flanders, New Jersey, where I've got a free wi-fi connection at Panera Bread -- one of my favorite on the road hang-outs.

...A first for me -- they served us cheeseburgers on our Continental flight yesterday. And they weren't that bad. But then when you add in the Cape Cod Potato Chips, the Mrs Crocketts Potato Salad, and the Milan cookies from Pepperidge Farms, it's actually a very decent package. It's obvious that the airline is trying.

...Another first for me -- at the Newark Airport the port authority has uniformed customer service agents wandering around looking for people who look lost or who are trying to figure out connections. One approached me when I was looking at the airtrain list trying to decide which train to take to go for my rental car. He got me moving in the right direction. Customer service.

...Many in Guam would like to raise the drinking age to 21. What rarely gets mentioned in this discussion is that brain development isn't really completed until the age of 20 and that alcohol (even moderate use) can seriously damage the long-term growth process during that stage. For the same kinds of reasons that pregnant women shouldn't drink, teens shouldn't drink.

...Guam has entered the rainy season (July-December) when they get 8-10 inches of rain a month instead of the 3-4 inches a month they get in the "dry season" (January-June).

...Kathy Holmgren will be on the Sunday, June 9th edition of Grace Matters.
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